Where I’ve Been / Where I’m Going

The last two weeks my workouts were spotty at best. I still made it to run club but didn’t do much else.

Ive been in the middle of moving apartments. Without my own car its a lot more difficult than it looks. Luckily I have friend that like me enough to let me buy them food in exchange for car space. 

Some would count moving heavy boxes and going up and down stairs as exercise, but I just consider it a reason to exercise. I thought about my last few moves and this one seemed a lot easier. Being able to see your progress in ‘I don’t struggle with this anymore’ steps is pretty cool. 

I also started a new game which had me running around the woods and killing zombies. Yes, this is the same game I mentioned my Spartan friends doing. They finally roped me into it too. 

Speaking of the Spartan Race, I really need to get back into training for that. Boxing and Running both help, but I need to do a lot more pullups and core exercises.

This week is the last dreaded week of moving. I only have three chairs left at my old place and need a quick ikea run for a new desk. Then I can get settled back into a proper training schedule. My first race this season is right around the corner in April at the Arboretum. 

So far I’m put in for a 10k, the Spartan Race, a half marathon, and need to find another 10k for fall for my city run buddies. Anything after that is going to be exclusively based on what swag and post run refreshments are offered. 


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