Friday Update 3/10

I get to go back to boxing today! 

Ok now that the most important thing is out of the way.. 

For the last two weeks I haven’t been doing much intentional exercise, but there has been a ton of packing and lifting and walking and everything dealing with my move. Thank Void I have the entire month with both apartments to get it done.

Tuesday I meant to go to Run Club, but got held up at work and wouldn’t be able to make it to the store in time, so I made myself do about 40 minutes of weightlifting at home. 

Tomorrow I was meant to go run on the Lakefront with a couple friends, but now I’m waiting to hear back if they want to brave the cold. I can run in anything as long as its above 32° (I dont play games with freezing and black ice in Chicago), but I know a lot of people prefer it in the 50’s or above, otherwise they just find a treadmill inside.

Even with my schedule all over the place and no real training, I have been smashing the crap out of my fitbit goals every day. 

Moving gets you moving, apparently! 

But tonight I go back to boxing. I missed my gym time. Soon I’ll be bringing my new roomie with me to see how she likes it. (yeah, I have a roommate now. Its weird, but I need to save monies.)

If she hate boxing, Im going to bring her to Fit Results and get her an intro to weightlifting. After that we have a hundred other things to try until she finds something she loves.

Im pretty excited about getting to show someone around the world of Chicago Fitness and find her something she enjoys, and its starting to revitalize my own motivation to get fit. 

Just gotta get settled at the new place first… 


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