Updates from Last Week

I went out for another 4 miles with A on Saturday, and we got E to come along as well! We decided we’re going to make this a regular thing, even after I move. 

My splits were super sloppy thanks to skipping my Tuesday run. But it was Valentines Day, so what are you going to do? 

After the run, I went out shopping for meal prep and put together most of it on Sunday. I did some Roasted chickpeas, a large batch of meatballs, four different flavors of baked chicken (lemon pepper, taco, garlic, and ranch), a bowl of coleslaw, various snacking veggies and a greek yogurt ranch dip. I also have quinoa to use as filler through the week. 

This week I’ll be running on Tuesday with the Lululemon group again, but most of my week is going to be filled with packing and errand running. 


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