Junk Food without the Junk

Eat this, not that. Thats good, this is bad. Clean eating, no junk! 

But what is ‘junk’ food? 

Most people would point to a cookie or candy and say its junk. Some people even point to pasta and call it junk.

In my IIFYM opinion, there is no such thing as good food or bad food, or health food or junk food. Food is fuel. With one exception. 

High Fructose Corn Syrup is most definitely junk.

“Wouldn’t you say the same about Sugar?” you might ask. Well, kinda, but no. I try to keep my sugar consumption as low as possible, but I refuse to eat anything that contains HFCS in it.

HFCS is overly sweet so it ruins your taste perceptions, and is absorbed into the body quicker for extreme sugar highs that can only come crashing down just as fast. For the calorie and macro counters out there, anything made with HFCS will generally have more sugar and more calories than the non HFCS brand as well.

With your taste ruined and your body on an insulin rollercoaster, eating properly becomes that much harder.

And its in everything. 

Go to your cabinet and flip over nutritional labels. Its in your bread. Your peanut butter. Pretty much anything premade and packaged will have it. 

Ironically enough, you’ll have a hard time finding it in candy. Many of the large manufacturers, including Mars, have started moving away from using the cheap sweetener and sticking with simple ingredients. It wasn’t broke, Im glad they stopped trying to fix it. 

It is possible to live a HFCS-free life. I have yet to find a food item that doesn’t have a safe brand. Instead of Jiff peanut butter, get Peter Pan. Find the ‘natural’ (I hate that word, just sayin) Smuckers Jelly that uses sugar, instead of their normal jars. Or pick something else entitely. This might be your chance to find out you like a different brand better anyway. 

Im not going to moralize food by calling vegetables good and ice cream bad. One of my favorite treats is vanilla ice cream topped with honey and some flake salt. My brain goes absolutely fireworks over the combo of sugar, salt, and dairy fat all in one bite. As long as the ice cream is cream and sugar, not syrup. 

Moderation is key. 

But read your labels and make sure your treats arent junk.


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