Training Tuesday Recap

Last night I went out to the Halsted Lululemon for another Run Club. They weren’t the 606ers, but still some great people. 

About five miles were covered in a little under an hour. Felt pretty good about my time for having only had one quick jaunt the week before and almost no winter cardio training. I’d like to thank boxing for keeping me somewhat in shape. 

I’m trying to keep better track of all my stats this year. The more I watch my intake and output, the more effective my training will be. I’ve been slacking on food tracking quite a bit this first month, mostly by eating more than I should. Getting my training started early this year will help even out the struggles I have maintaining calories of a non active day. 

I finally narrowed down my summer running goals, too. I thought I was going to be happy just picking up a few races and completing an obstacle course, but i think I also want to try to get my 5k time down to sub25. My quickest ever was 27:42 and that was hard.

Today is recovery and yoga. Probably with a bit of meditation thrown in there. I haven’t quite gotten it up to a habit yet, but when I do remember to do it I always feel great.

Until next time!


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