Just Do It

Without meaning to, I’ve become a bit of a fitness go-to among my friends group. Whenever questions about nutrition or exercise come up, many of them will come to me first. I also ask them what kind of topics they’d like to read about to keep updating my blog. 

Lately I’ve noticed a pattern among the questions – how do I make this easy?

I’ve been struggling with how to approach the ‘I’d do it, but its hard’ mentality without being too harsh, but I know it needs to be blunt. 

Fitness and nutrition are simple.

But it is not easy. Its never going to be easy. If it was easy everyone would do it and be amazing all the time.

Trying to eat less? You’re going feel hungry. Feeling hungry is okay, but you’re going to have to get used to it, and it’s not easy.

Trying to find time to work out? If your schedule is already packed, you’re not going to find an extra hour without prioritizing something else. And without a steady routine already in place its even harder to say no to sudden plans that sabotage your time.

Just want to up your step count? Never gonna happen if you don’t get up and actually do it. If you’re reading this get up right now and walk around whatever room you’re in. You’re browsing the Internet so I know you have time. I’ll wait. 

If you didn’t, you just turned down the easiest thing you could possibly do right now to improve yourself. No excuses.

As cliche as it is, Nike was right. Just Do It. Stop wishing for it. Stop making excuses. Get up and do what you can.

But dont just say ‘yeah, do what you can!’ with me, and then tell yourself you can’t do it or its too hard. You don’t have to do high intensity training every day to see results, but you need to do something.

I could write the best, easiest, lowest of impact routines customized to your individual struggles but it doesn’t matter until you take the initiative to actually do it yourself. 

Just do it. Something. Anything. 

Stop asking for it to be easy and work until it becomes easy. 


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