Monday Update 01/09/17

Aah, winter. So cold. I stayed inside most of the weekend to avoid it. I did have a friend come into town and we picked up a free trial at one of the local gyms for a quick cardio session, but then we spent the rest of the weekend under blankets and snacking. 

Last week I didn’t do as much lifting as I intended to, but I did go back to Boxing after a hiatus. Wednesdays are going to become my dedicated boxing days, and soon I’ll be adding Fridays into the mix.

Tonight Im gonna hit my weights a bit while staring out the window and longing for better temperatures. 

I miss running. 

In other news, my life is going to get a lot more complicated until the end of March. My lease is up then and I’m working on moving to a different neighborhood. Not that I don’t love mine, but I’m getting a roommate to save a bit of money and we need better parking options for her. During the transition I’ll need to reign in my diet and really focus on making time to meal prep for myself.

Bonus is in less than three months I’ll have my own kitchen to prep in instead of always needing to travel to my boyfriends house.


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