Why I don’t Crossfit

I have quite a few friends who Crossfit and have heard every complaint and counter argument there possibly is for why its good or why its bad. I’m not here to argue for or against it, but simply to talk about physique.

I have a particular aesthetic in mind while I’m working out – a rather stereotypical ideal of what a fitness model is. Toned legs, round shoulders, thin waist, and the slightest hint of abs. Getting this kind of body requires running, weightlifting, and some kind of high intensity interval training.  

But why not all three? Why not mix up my cardio, weightlifting, and interval training all in one go and hit a Crossfit box? 

Simply, the programs at crossfit aren’t built for my needs. I need long endurance cardio, not short sprints. I prefer my weightlifting to be slow and controlled by reps and sets instead of time. And in my opinion, boxing is just a lot more fun than burpees.

While in theory crossfit would give me everything I want, I would never be able to actually focus on the results I want while running drills for someone else’s ideal.

I would have no control over my activities for the day. There is very little isolation work at all, which i specifically need for my glutes and shoulders, and too much emphasis is placed on snatches and cleans. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a great full body lift that will definitely give you a workout, but the physique it creates is heavy on the quads. I’ve already revised my leg routine to focus on glutes over quads to balance running and weightlifting to keep my legs where I want them. Some see it as a mark of achievement when your jeans can’t fit over your legs, but I have enough problems with fashion as it is.

With monster thighs and thick abs, its no doubt that Crossfit Girls are strong as hell and probably feel amazing about their bodies and its capabilities. 

I just don’t want to look like that. 


7 thoughts on “Why I don’t Crossfit

      1. Those people need to find their chill 🙂
        It’s okay to be passionate about a thing and talk about it with love. Even saying, hey, you wanna come with me some time to try it out? Is good. But if it doesn’t meet your goals – it doesn’t meet your goals.


      2. I did a box jump! Which was one of my goals! 🙂
        Weight is not drastically lost but lost enough to where I am happy. I kicked up my mile run from running 200 m and falling over to running almost half a mile without break so it’s the little things! 🙂
        Hit 200 on my back squat which I was hoping for! My only downfall was Carl ghosting again but what are you gonna do?

        2017 is year of the training. Better diet, better program.

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