Goodbye, 2016

Three and a half weeks left in the year, and like many of my peers I cannot wait for this year to be over.

Quick review:

November went well enough. I wasn’t on top of my nutrition the way I wanted to be so my cut is going a lot slower. No real set backs (other than the one planned around Thanksgiving) and so far no injuries to report at all.

December has a bit of a rocky start and will finish just as bad. Im awful at planning during the holidays and most of my time is spent sleeping off seasonal depression instead of working out. Not being able to run makes it worse. 

Im sticking through, though. Im gonna try to make it to Boxing on Wednesday, because I have an entire weekend of parties to make it through coming up. Followed by a weekend of eating at my dad’s. Hopefully the last to weekends are deep in hibernation…

As for my various goals this year, I feel I accomplished a good percentage of them. I still cant do a handstand and my pullups are progressing slowly, but I ran (entirely, no walking) a half marathon, got a lot more comfortable with boxing combos, and own the beginning of my own home weightlifting gym.

Coming in 2017:

I’m not necessarily a new years resolution type gal, seeing as how I always sleep in on Dec 1 and forget I promised I’d change everything all at once the night before, but I do have a few things I’d like to focus on. Obviously keeping up on my current sports is a big one. Running, weightlifting, training for Fight Club. And keeping an eye on nutrition will always be important, even if it does cycle through different needs all year. Meal Prep is going to be so important. 

I also want to try Journaling and Meditation. Sure I blog and Instagram, but public thoughts barely scratch the surface of what goes on in my mind. This is going to be a very personal experience for me, so I’ll probably never mention it again. 

I have a couple obstacle races coming up next year that I’ll really need to amp up training for soon. Once the holidays are over I’ll be installing a pull up bar somewhere at my house and then trying to figure out a way to practice rope climbing. Which I have never done before in my life. Upper arm strength in general is going to help, but I’d rather try to experience it BEFORE being watched by spectators on a course. 

One last thing to think about are social fitness groups. Run clubs, meetups, various yoga events, anything. I need to make a stronger effort to expand my social circle and get involved in different hobbies. I had a rough time leaving my previous circles and have been in a weird limbo state ever since.

Here’s hoping 2017 goes a lot smoother than 2016.

Happy Holidays! 


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