“Unrealistic Standards”

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about what a “real” woman is and what is “unrealistic”, particularly in terms of body size and ability. I am 5’4″ and 120lbs. Sharing those two stats put me in hot water with some anonymous Internet commenters who accused me of being part of society’s problem with shaming women’s bodies. 

Lets ignore the sweet irony in body shaming people to fight against body shaming, I have too much sugar in my diet as it is.

The thing is, any body is unrealistic if you’re not built for it, but flexibility, strength, and bodyfat percentage are all completely within your control. I will never have large breasts or hips wider than my ripcage, but I can keep my muscles toned and my bf% in check. Even at my leanest my best guess was I never dipped below 18%, nowhere near the 0% the Internet likes to exaggerate, but I was accused of setting ‘unrealistic standards’. 

Trust me, if I can do it it’s pretty damn realistic. It takes time, but I’m not one to chase anything not giving results. 

I bring this up because once again buzzfeed is circling around my social media with that article about ‘real’ women attempting super hero poses from comic books. The point was to show how unrealistic Superheroes are with a dash of blaming insecurities on comics.

First of all, if you want ‘realistic’ motivation, find a real person, not a drawing. Second, don’t base your body perceptions on a fictional character. You’d think this is common sense.

Most important, a lot of those poses are actually pretty realistic if you’re athletic or at all flexible. Which Superheroes generally are. It’s kinda their thing to be strong and fast and better than you at stuff. 

The pose that gets me the most is the stereotypical ‘boobs and butt’ superhero pose that writers and directors love putting the girls in. Lets pretend we’ve never seen this pose in every live action super hero poster ever (we can call it photoshop, if that helps you sleep at night) and just look at the comics.

Oh and this picture of Serena Williams. Doing the exact same thing.

Superheroes are not meant to be representative of an average demographic.

Before telling the world what is and isn’t realistic for everyone, maybe look to see if its just unrealistic for you right now

With training and commitment anything is possible. Even superhero poses.


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