Running Thoughts

I miss running.

I don’t normally post a lot about my runs except time and distance and who I ran with. Run time is my time and I like keeping my running thoughts to myself. Lately I’ve been getting a lot less of that special me time. 

After my half marathon I didn’t feel a want to run for a few weeks, and now that the cravings are back there’s not enough sunlight after work. Boxing is a good alternative. It wears me out, but doesn’t quite give me the same warm empty feeling Running gives. 

When I run, everything melts away. Eventually. Some days are a struggle, but I’ve never regretted a run or came back in a worse mood because of one. Most days I come back with a solid sense of self and accomplishment. 

Im limited to weekends or random days off from work now. My miles have dwindled down and my moods are getting twitchy. For a girl who did anything to skip gym class in high school, I’m actually quite surprised how quickly I got addicted to running. 

I’ve never liked winter and now I like it even less. To distract myself I’ll be bouncing around the city picking up free trials at random gyms. 

At least everywhere has treadmills. 


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