October 2016 Recap

Happy Halloween!
Here we are at the end of the month and I have successfully managed not to buy a horde of candy. Yet.

The last month was mostly settling back into routine after my half marathon. Boxing and weightlifting are both going well and I’m feeling more confident about the Spartan Races every day! I have started slipping on my morning and evening stretches, but Im back at it today!

Next month is going to be more of the same, grinding on my various skills. I did put together a little glutes and Lower Abs challenge for myself. A couple friends are going to be doing it with me!

Beyond exercise, I’ve been having a lot more fun cooking as well. Its amazing how I used to be super lazy at food, but now I’m willing to go above and beyond just to have the better tasting meal. Even if it does take an hour and a half instead of just 30 minutes.
Not much else going on. This month is just a teeny update while I continue on with the same old same old.


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