Friday Updates 10/21/16


This week was pretty stressful, but we’re here at Friday now and soon that means Boxing and Booze. 

But didn’t you do boxing on Wednesday? 

You don’t know my life!! 

Lets recap:

Monday: Quick run on the lakefront (~3mi) and Weightlifting at Fit Results. We did deadlifts, glute bridges, and bent over rows. Some of my favorite things!

Tuesday: Rest Day. I did swing by my Tattoo Artist to start talking about getting art going. Which reminds me I have to email those reference pics…

Wednesday: I had intended on going to Boxing this day, but work was overly stressful and I found myself not wanting to be very social afterwards. I went home and picked up some heavy things instead. 

Thursday: I was actually looking forward to Run Club, but I got stuck at work late so that didn’t happen. I did make ramen, broth entirely from scratch, and a perfect soft boiled egg on my first attempt. 

Friday: Boxing for real today. Im antsy for a proper workout.
This weekend is going to be a bit hectic with friends coming into town and designs I need to finish, but Im going to try to go for a small jog or even just a walk on Sunday. Stretching is coming along well. My hips feel a lot better. 

I also feel a lot more confident in the kitchen. Starting to think about my next meal prep day would probably be a good idea. I made another batch of shells but I’m starting to get bored of eating the same things. Maybe I’ll try a soup.. 


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