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Abs are made in the Kitchen

Getting back into a cutting mindset is hard after a summer of sloppy eating. I was running 6+ miles a go on top of weightlifting and the occasional boxing class, I could eat pretty much anything and burn it off. Pasta, Burgers, Bakeries, Rainbow Cone and Jeni’s. Anything that struck my mood I’d be able to say “Sure, I’ll have some.”

Now that my workouts have reduced in intensity and Im trying to drop my bodyfat percentage, I’m hit with a double whammy that substitutions alone won’t fix. I find myself getting tiny distracting cravings through the day, especially at times when I have allowed myself snacks over the summer. I taught myself to graze all day and now I’m having a hell of a time getting myself away from the field. 

Drinking more water, keeping fruit and veggies around to munch on, and changing up my day a bit by going for a short walk on lunch has helped so far, but the real problem is all mental. Changing habits is hard work. 

Since Im trying to drop bodyfat as a priority, I need to be more careful about logging everything into My Fitness Pal and keeping track of calories and macros. Goodbye Carbs, Goodbye, BNT (thats Bites, Nibbles, and Tastes, the little things that can accidentally steal all your calories for a day but are hard to turn down).. Luckily my sugar is actually mostly in check still since I’ve banned High Fructose Corn Syrup from my life and in general am pretty aware of when I am eating sweets. Most things that had tricky amounts of sugar in them also had HFCS, so that was an easy fix. 

But good news is I can still drink! I just have to switch from Beer to Vodka Tonics. Or only have one beer, but who wants just one?

Winter Season: Maintain ~250-500 cal deficit. (~1300-1500cal on rest days, ~2000-2200cal on workout days). Macro Goals: Less than 40% Carbs, More than 30% Protein.


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