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What I’m Training For : 2017 Update


Hustle up the Hancock: February 26, 2017
Hosted by the Respiratory Health Association, Hustle up the Hancock is a race up 94 flights of stairs to raise funds for research programs.
Training: Stair Running at work all winter.
Rock and Roll Half Marathon: July 16, 2017
Hosted by Humana in Chicago, this will be my second half marathon. I’ll also be running to raise funds for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. (Personal Donation Link Here) 
Training: Beginning Spring 2017, Lakefront Running. 

Obstacle Courses:

Chicago Spartan Sprint: June 11, 2017
Indiana Spartan Sprint: July 8, 2017
The Spartan Races are a series of obstacles courses, each one longer and more difficult than the last. I am starting on the easiest one and I’m still intimidated. I’m doing it twice next summer with two sets of friends. I’ll be inviting spectators on my second one, since I’ll know what to expect and wont look like a complete fool flailing around out there.
Training: Weightlifting; Upper Body and Grip strength. Need to be able to pull my own bodyweight regularly. 


Fight Club: Ongoing
Fight Club is the advanced boxing class at my gym, and my goal next year is to be able to join them.
Training: Boxing, what else? 


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