Anyone who’s played a large MMO understands the concept of Dailies. For those that don’t, they’re small quests that refresh every day, usually rewarded with local faction reputation or a small special item. Meanwhile the reward for real life fitness dailies is Gainz. 

Because I’m splitting my focus between three very different sports, I have a lot of little dailies. I’ll post about them for a bit to get myself hyped about it, but once it becomes routine I just forget to post about it or I don’t think its interesting enough to share anymore. My hype stays centered around the main sports. 

I still do incline pushups and tricep dips at my desk at work, but it hasn’t felt worth talking about on because it’s the pretty much the same amount every day spread out over 8 hours. I need to maintain a certain level of arm ready for my tattoos (soon!) and sets of pushups and dips every day really helps. 

Stretching has been going well, even though I keep forgetting to update the original post with my challenge counter. I also don’t post about it because either I’m stretching early in the morning before I’ve even had coffee or late at night when I just want to get to sleep. 

I also walk a minimum of five miles every day. This is largely unplanned and just a fact of my life since I live in Chicago without a car. Public Transport and Walking are how I get around most places. I’m still going to count it because a lot of people in this country don’t get anywhere close to that in a day. 

A semi-daily of mine is meal prep planning, because stacking recipes to be different enough to not get boring but using similar ingredients so my grocery budget isn’t through the roof is a lot of work. I usually spend about 3 or 4 hours spread out through the week to nail down a solid menu.

With all four combined, I have a solid base to do any of my sports at any time. I’ll always be stretched out, well fed, and warmed up enough that I just need a little dynamic movement to get myself started. 

Sometimes people ask me how I can eat so much and still keep in shape and even with everything I do, I can honestly say it’s made easier by supplementing my sports with a few dailies and all the walking. I’m not only getting in extra movement, but I also maximize my nutrition to get plenty of protein for muscle growth. I have a slightly higher TDEE than someone my size who doesn’t do all the extra little things I do. Higher TDEE means more food.

And anyone who knows me knows how much I like food.


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