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AB’s Weeknight Spaghetti

At my house, we do Spa Day. Which is Spaghetti Day. Which isn’t really a day, but more when we don’t really know what to have for dinner and don’t want to go out. Spaghetti is easy. Some pasta, some water, a jar of sauce, done. Not the fanciest, but who needs a fancy Spa Day?

Last night everything changed. Our Spa Days are now very fancy with almost no extra effort. All hail our Lord and Savior, Alton Brown.

It starts with Oil that you infuse with all the delicious Italian spices. I hadn’t even turned the stove on and the kitchen already smelled fancy! (crushed garlic will do that, though)

Pasta is cooked the same as it always is. But while thats boiling, the sauce gets put together. Its three ingredients. The fancy oil you just made (not all, just some), salt, and canned whole tomatoes. Cook it all down til its a delicious sauce. Toss the noodles in some butter and cheese, mix into the sauce, and enjoy the compliments from your guests.

To really make this a meal, I also decided to do garlic bread. First I started with a Garlic Loaf from Mariano’s. I brushed a bit of the herb oil I made onto slices and topped it off with mozzarella cheese. I swear there was almsot a fistfight over who got the last one.

Day One of Every Day Cook went really well. (not really a challenge, that’s just the name of Alton’s new book!)

I now have a new Spaghetti recipe that is so much better than my old ‘recipe’ that I cant even compare. Its like an Easy Bake vs the entire Iron Chef Kitchen. I still had some oil left over so I froze it into an ice cube tray so I can make a couple more batches of pasta super quick.

Halloween themed, even!

I can’t wait to try the next recipe. This weekend we’re doing Chicken Tikka Masala. Also an Alton Recipe.

Its gonna be great!

Alton Brown’s Weeknight Spaghetti can be found in his new book, Every Day Cook.
Nutrition Info based on MFP Recipe Entry:
When Serving Four:
Calories: 429
Carbs: 51.9g
Fat: 19.5g
Protein: 12.7g
Sugar: 9.1g
Sodium: 1090mg


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