End of September Updates 

I meant to write this yesterday, but surprise drinks with coworkers happened and I got home super late. Had to be up way too early today, too. I have no idea what I was thinking. 
Anyway, some updates. I’ve kept up with Spartan training, except for the hanging bits. I’ll need to re-evaluate some things and figure out how to train upper body and pull ups more when I havent been going to Fit Results as much. 

Boxing has been going well, I’ll be getting a membership for the winter soon. The next issue of Fight Me will be coming out mid October. 

Now that I’m settled after my half marathon, I’ve gone back to running just for fun. Its a nice feeling to just go. I accidentally’d my best mile time during Run Club last week, too.

Flexibility is slowly improving but the important part of daily stretches is not having tight muscles anymore.

I’ll be focusing a lot on weightlifting and upper body during the upcoming month so my tattoos will be right on time in November. 

Alright, on my train now, that’s enough for updates. Time for a nap before my long weekend.


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