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Friday Update 9/23/17

Time for my weekly update! I really try to make it a habit to post Friday Updates, not only to brag about all the hard work I did, but also so I take a minute to go over my week and think about how its gone. With a 9-5 job and a pretty regular schedule the days tend to blur together and at the end of the week Im not sure if I busted ass or barely made it. 

So here are my updates. 

Saturday/Sunday: This last weekend was the Bucktown 5k race where I got a super sweet hoodie. A couple of friends were supposed to come out for it, but unfortunately car troubles are the bane of adulting. They both still got their hoodies, though. Which is the important part. 

Monday: Home weightlifting. I focused on shoulders and did a bunch of barbell work. 

Tuesday: Home weightlifting again, this time with dumbbells. Still a focus on shoulders. 

Wednesday: This week’s Rest Day. 

Thursday: This week I got stuck late at work and couldn’t make my run club. Sad face. So I went home and threw the barbell around a bit then made Uncrustables for Dylan’s weekend trip. 

Friday: Today! I’ll be going to Boxing tonight, then later at home setting up my personal Mobility Challenge. 30 days of every day stretching with the intention of making it a mindless habit. 

Other things of interest, I also signed up for the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon for next year and I’ll be running to raise funds for the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. My goal this year is to raise $500 or more and I’ll be sharing my link around everywhere as soon as it’s set up. I wanted to aim for $1,000 or more but I was never a good fundraiser in school and don’t want to get in over my head with this. Reachable goals.

Wow, two Obstacle Races and a Half Marathon already set for next year. I should pull back the excitement and only sign up for stuff with epic swag now. 


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