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Friday Update 9/16/16


Being back in my routine after Vacation feels so good. Last weekend I did a bunch of meal prep to prepare, and I’ve been killing it in my workouts.

And by ‘it’ I mean my knees..


Lets have a quick look back.. 

Saturday/Sunday: Meal Prep Days! This time I did stuffed peppers, tacos, homemade salsa, breakfast burritos, and Granola. So yummy in my tummy! I also got my first barbell and set of weights in Friday night and so I played around with the the bar a bit. Not too much since I also had to clean out the back room for a proper lifting space. 

Monday: At home weightlifting! Mostly deadlifts. All three kinds. Since I dont have a rack I can only squat what I can safely clean, which at this point is about 55lbs. I don’t want to push the weights too heavy and risk dropping them since I am still lifting inside a home and don’t have a proper platform.

Tuesday: Scheduled rest day. But not a date night with Dylan for once. I had to go home and do a bunch of laundry. 

Wednesday: Instead of going today, I decided to go to Boxing on Wednesday this week. I get so hyped about going to my boxing gym, I really love it there. I guess I got a little too hyped, though. By the time I got home my left knee was inflamed and crying any time it bent with weight. Not sure exactly what caused it, but I’ll be a lot more careful about my form in the future. I took it easy the rest of the night and carefully tested my mobility. Luckily it was just over worked and not truly injured. I made a note to buy a support sleeve in the morning and resigned myself to two more rest days this week. 

Thursday and Friday: Unexpected rest days! I kept the support sleeve on all day Thursday, which worked wonders, and had to skip my run club. At the end of the night I tested my mobility again. Everything was working a lot smoother. Im still wearing the sleeve today since my knee tightened up again overnight, but its not nearly as bad as it was Wednesday night. Normally I would walk it off at this point, but i have a 5k coming up on Sunday that Im running with a friend and I don’t want to push anything on my knee and risk needing to sit it out. I should be fine tomorrow. 

Next week I’ll be scaling everything back to work my knee back up to normal. Home weightlifting will be mostly upper body, and I’m going to save going back to Boxing until after Thursdays Run Club so I have a true idea of how my knee is holding up. 

It sucks when injuries hold you back from the progress you want but its always better to listen to you body and take it easy than to push yourself and get hurt a lot worse.

Oh! I also officially signed up for my first ever Spartan Sprint! I’ll be climbing walls and crawling through mud in Indiana next July. Which turns out is also going to be the second one I finish because I’ll be signing up for the Chicago Sprint soon and that is in June of next year.

So excited. I have so much training left to do!!


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