Summer “Mini Dirty Bulk” Recap

For those just tuning in now, I spent the last seven months on my first attempt at a bulk. Its a mini bulk, but gainz happened so I’m happy.

Started: February 1st 2016
25in waist, 33in hips.

Ended: September 9th 2016
28in waist, 34in hips.

Overall Goal:
Eating above maintenance with a focus on protein to help build overall muscle mass, but without worrying about strictly eating “clean”.

The beginning was fun. I got to eat pretty much whatever I wanted without thinking to hard about it. I quickly started to see muscle growth on my upper body and the first couple months saw little to no change in my waist size. The last couple months were a bit of a struggle between rediscovering my sweet cravings and watching all my aesthetics fade under a soft layer of fat. Strength gains continued to be where I wanted them, but we all know the trouble with mirrors. I tend to put on weight first in my gut, then in my hips and back. None of these are flattering on me.

Going Forward: 
I’m returning to winter on a mild cut, but it will be small and steady. I don’t have a lot to lose this time around and a lot of time before spring. As soon as I get back to where I was last winter I’ll be rewarding myself with a fun boudoir photoshoot.


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