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RunDisney Half Marathon Fitcation – 09/01 – 09/06

Wow, what a vacation! 

From Thursday to Tuesday my life was a blur of excitement and inebriants. Thursday was our first travel day and we met up with our friends at a hotel near the airport for our first night.

Friday our real vacation started. We checked into Paradise Pier and Tina and I immediately headed to the expo to pick up our running bibs and event shirt. The rest of the day was filled with California Adventure Park. 

Saturday we drove out to Universal Studios and I had a blast bouncing around Harry Potter World with my new Luna Lovegood wand. 

Sunday was finally the big day for me and Tina. We got up at 3am and had some coffee while waiting around for the race to start. Then we waited even more once the race started because we were in the 9th corral. We would have been 5th if we had official race times to provide, but unfortunately we didn’t so we were stuck in the back. 

The route was a lot of fun once we did get moving, though. The first four miles were running through the parks before they opened and our anaheim neighbors had pep bands and cheerleaders for us once we got out on the streets. We even ran through the Angel Stadium before heading back to the park for our final push. 

Starting so far back was a little annoying when we had to keep dodging walkers in the more narrow sections so our pace never got much better than 12min miles. It was still enough to wear us out and the rest of the day is mostly a blur of food and naps. 

Monday we attempted to hit Disneyland but only wandered the park once before getting fed up with the crowds and substandard food that day. Note to self, dont visit disney on holidays when everyone else is. 

Tuesday was our second travel day, just trying to get back home after a long, exhausting yet relaxing, weekend. 

And now I’m back at work, bloated from vacation food and still wishing I was asleep, but I also have a renewed energy for my other fitness goals. I’ll be signing up for Boxing this week, I have lots to share with my run club, and soon I’ll even have my own barbell. Added bonus, the Indiana Spartan Sprint just opened registration! And with a discount! June of 2017 is when I become a Spartan! 

Later tonight I’ll be working with my meal prep group to start our first menu, but for now I need to get back to work. So many emails from when I was gone… 


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