Friday Update 8/26/16

California is less than a week away.

Its pretty much all I can think about at this point. Both Tina and I are ridiculously stoked to be doing a Disney Half Marathon. We watched some videos on YouTube from past years and the hype is real. Yesterday I swung by Lush to pick up their new sea salt foot soak and a pumice stone for after our race.

So much packing to do! 

Alright, recap of my week:

Monday: Weightlifting at Fit Results. Supersets of back squats / jump squats, skullcrushers / dips, and bent over single arm rows / hollow rocks. With hang clean + presses and prison curls thrown in just for fun.

Tuesday: Designated rest day.

Wednesday: Also kinda a rest day but also kinda not really. DOMS from Monday set in pretty hard but I managed to work on my Handstand progress. I also threw in a few sets of dumbbell shoulder presses just because they were there. 

Thursday: Run Club Day! This week was also the last Shred 415 outdoor workout at the Bucktown Lululemon / 606 trail for the summer. Took it pretty easy on the running bits (those guys go HARD!) but I appreciated the extra bodyweight exercises to round me out before my race. Especially since all my miles need to be four or less for the next few days. 

Today: A friend is coming into town after work! Probably won’t get a lot done exercise wise but that’s okay. We’ll have waffles anyway. 

Upcoming: This weekend I’ll be knocking out a few more miles to keep my legs warm and get in a few good deep stretch sessions. Everything else is packing. Last run before my race is schedule for next Wednesday, 3.1 miles as fast as I can without pushing myself too hard.

Thursday my supportive boyfriend and I fly out. We wont be back until late late almost-wednesday-Tuesday.

California, here I come!! 


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