‘Fight Me’ : A Personal Project

Running season is almost over. I have two races left, then my focus switches to Boxing. I have my training plan figured out, I have my end of season rewards set up.. Now I just need something fun to keep me going consistently.

I’ve also been pondering a new creative project to keep myself busy. I’m almost done with my Seven Deadly Sins Photo project and haven’t wanted to line up any professional work yet.

So I combined them. With the help of Prisma’s Heisenberg filter, Im able to make photos look like comic book panels. I already take a bunch of workout photos and selfies, so an excuse for more is well received. I’m even going to try my hand at creative writing and build a story around my gym adventures.

Example Images from my Instagram:

I’m kinda excited about this one. It’s something I can also get my friends involved with in brainstorming and story direction. I have a few ideas outlined to start with, like an Origin Story arc, finding my rival, and even a plot about bad days and bad feelings (we all have them, it’s just a matter of when they rear their ugly head and mess up your week). 

Stick around for more while I’m planning and writing.

“Fight Me”coming Winter 2016.


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