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Winter Training 

I had a few minutes at work today so I started pondering what I’m going to do for Winter Training. My run season officially ends after my half marathon, but the only thing that will actually stop me from running is ice on the ground. 

Here’s the tentative schedule. 

Monday: Lakefront Run plus Weightlifting at Fit Results. 

Tuesday: Rest Day / Date Night

Wednesday: Home Workout, Weights or Boxing Drills. 

Thursday: Run Club at Lululemon Bucktown

Friday: Boxing at Body Shot Boxing Club, sometimes Kickboxing at Body Shot. 

Saturday: Meal Prep / Make-up day if I miss anything

Sunday: Rest Day / Meal Prep

My focus this winter is still going to be aesthetics, but with a focus on upper body. I’ll be starting my tattoos as well, which will keep me motivated to stay on track so they always look good. 

I dont have a coach or anything, just putting this together on my own, but I don’t think I could get everything I wanted out of one person anyway. I have two different gyms and a run club. If I can’t stick to my goals between the three of them, no personal trainer would be able to help.

Of course, without someone designing a program for me, I have to do a lot of the work myself. The gyms are class based so I don’t have to set myself up with programs there, but I need to make meal prep menus based around my caloric needs, figure out when I can get to each gym, balance out my cardio and home workouts, and record my stats to watch my overall progress. I also need to know what questions to ask when Im at my gyms, because Im not getting personalized instruction unless I ask for it. This lets me take home activities and perform then safely without supervision. 

It’s going to be an interesting ride this winter, especially without Classpass to mix it up whenever I get bored. I’ll have to stick to the plans I set up, within a margin, and find ways to keep myself entertained through the grind. 


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