Training with Zombie Killers – July 2016 Recap

I’ve been adding in Spartan Training slowly with everything else I’ve been doing, and last month I started working on the official Spartan Elements Training Program. It starts of super easy with light jogging and bodyweight squats and planks. Not too hard, right?

Not hard, but still requires dedication. I found that with each week being so ‘simple’, I wanted to procrastinate and ‘save’ it all for one go, which just ended up being annoying when I realized I was on the last day of the week and I hadn’t done them yet. This month I’m breaking it down early to have smaller daily sections to work through instead.


Spartan Elements Training Plan
“Month One” – July 2016

07/01/16-07/07/16: Completed
Jog 1+ miles on 2 days.
Accumulate 4min in High Plank, 40 Squats, and 12 Flights of Stairs.

07/08/16-07/14/16: Completed
Jog 5min on, 1min on for 30+ min on 2 days.
Accumulate 6min in High Plank, 80 Squats and 24 Flights of Stairs

07/15/16-07/21/16: Completed
Jog 2+ miles on 2 days.
Accumulate 8min in High Plank, 150 Squats and carry something heavy up 12 Flights of Stairs.

07/22/16-07/28/16: Completed
Jog 5min on, 1min off for 40+ min on 2 days.
Accumulate 10min in High Plank, 200 Squats and carry something heavy up 24 Flights of Stairs

Rest until Month 2 Starts.


This second month is all about push ups and lunges. I might slip a few days, with my half marathon training being at an all time high, but we’ll see how much I get through.


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