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Friday Update 7/29/16

Its been a while! I got super lazy for a week and basically just did my super easy first month spartan training, but this week I definitely made up for it with all the extra work I put in.

My days this week:
Monday I had work I needed to do at my apartment, so I only got a small walk when I got off my train stop early. Even a 15 minute walk a day can make all the difference! If I’m not working out, I will regularly get off 1 to 3 stations early.

Tuesday is my regularly scheduled rest day / date night with Dylan.

Wednesday was the big one this week. Since I couldn’t work out on Monday, and I have a party to go to on Saturday, so weightlifting got forced to the middle of the week. Small catch, though, I planned this late and didn’t have any of my gear with me Tuesday night when I was at D’s. I can easily go home, change and cta back downtown with plenty of time for dinner in between if I just wanted to lift. But I really, really wanted to run. I looked up the distance (approx 10 miles to the gym) and decided I could make it.


Here comes the twist. Lollapalooza. See, I didn’t realize a mile long section of the lakefront trail would be gated off and I wouldn’t be able to cross LSD. And I made the wrong choice when I decided whether or not to stop and wait for the light to change to cross early. By the time I realized my mistake, I was a good third of the way through and it would be just a smidgen of a difference in turning around or not. So I booked it. I can still feel it now…

What was supposed to be an easy 9.5/10 with a good 30-40 minutes to grab a snack suddenly became a race to sneak in a quick 15 before needing to switch from Cardio to Strength. I had already accepted that I wouldn’t have my Docs on me to lift with, since I can’t run with my gym bag, but I was not prepared for what effectively became a three hour leg day without rest. Everything was weak af. I’m almost embarrassed to admit the weights, but I’m proud of myself for holding form together with what I could do.


Thursday. Run Club. Except it wasn’t really run club, it was another crash sesh with Shred415. Shred415 was a studio I found through ClassPass last winter. They were my running fix during ice. They have a studio class set up, with 15 minutes on the treadmills, 155 minutes doing light weight / floor work, and then another set. 4 sets of 15 minutes. 415. see what they did there?

Anyway, its effective as hell, and I got a chance to see a couple acquaintances from the long runs I picked up, lead by Shred415 and also hosted by Lulumon. (I just gotta say, I love the partnership between these two. I get a ton of free workouts, and the marketing is working, I totally want all their merch. Shred has these new Chicago flag style tanks that are just.. anyway…)

AFTER our workout, I found out Ipsento Coffee, which just opened a little popup shop on the 606 trail, was offering 25% off to our group! Afters has been decided! And I got to hang out more with the Shred crew, which is always motivating.


Friday. Which was today. I picked Boxing back up. With the Defenders series and new release dates dropping, I got all sorts of antsy for boxing again. I do admit I got this lofty goal in my head of doing boxing followed by their kickboxing, but was quickly laughed away when I encountered stairs. So many stairs. I love my tiny little boxing club, but damn so many stairs. It doesn’t help that I had a long leg week.


Tomorrow I’m doing a whole lot of not things involving my legs. And there is a party so there will be booze, which will help with the not thinking about my legs.

Just over a month until my vacation. Which means just over a month until my half marathon. Which means just over a month until I vomit all over social media with how excited I am and everything I’m doing and what time I run and all the swag I get and I don’t care how you feel about it, Cardio is King and California is my personal Happy Place. Six days of happy place with people that make me happy.


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