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Friday Update 07/08/16

Friday! And my update is super late…

Because of POKEMON GO! (if you don’t know what that is, I’m sorry, but get with the program and GET TRAINING!)

Before that, though, I should update actual fitness stuff..

I finished the first week of my Spartan Elements Training with no problems. On to week to! Which is basically the same but with more plank time, more squats, and more flights of stairs to climb. Check out my training page to see this month’s plan.

Didn’t do the runs I wanted this week. Wednesday I went home early to take care of my Coyote instead of going to my weightlifting class (normal Monday was cancelled cause of the holiday, tried to make it up, whatever. Life happens.) AND THEN as soon as I got to Bucktown for my run club, the Chicago skies opened up with water and lightening and not only did I bail to go home, but seconds later I got a notification that the group was cancelled anyway.

Tried to run today. But. Humidity. and Pokemon Go.

Which we can talk about now that my fitness updates are done!! Thanks to the game I still got a lot of steps in on my fitbit through the week, so my average wasn’t ruined by “inactivity”. aka. not running. But the important part is I have pokemon on my phone now. I’m super pleased.

Okay. Back to the game. And then sleep at some point. Maybe. I am planning on going to weightlifting tomorrow, so I should probably rest up…


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