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Training with Zombie Killers – June 2016 Recap

Also my Friday Update for 7/1/16.

I havent done many of the Spartan workouts, but I have been working out a bunch. I’ve done a cumulative 14 miles running this week with a short jaunt planned today and an 11 miler lined up for Sunday. 

Weightlifting is becoming more regular, too. My arms are toning up nicely and slowly but surely I can feel myself getting stronger. I’ve also been working on pull ups every time I go. I’ve decided to also buy myself a pull up bar for home when I get my Barbell in September. 

I feel pretty comfortable in my running ability for my big race, so I might start the Elements Training Plan early. The first two months are focused on running and endurance with some light bodyweight work. The weeks are cumulative so I’ll be able to work it in on my own time instead of trying to to a specific workout each day.

The plan is broken down into easy progressions with small increases each week. The very first week calls for jogging 1+ mile twice a week, and accumulating 4min high planks and 40 squats. Six months later, July starts with a workout two days a week (1min deadhang, 5min nonstop bucket carry, then run 4x800m) and accumulating 6 miles at a hard pace, 12 miles at an easy pace, 100 spider pushups, 100 squats and 100 hand-release burpees. 

I will start with week one. The miles are basically already taken care of and I can knock out the entire week tonight in one go. Efficiency. 

I also made a cool thing! But Im not going to say any more until it actually gets ordered. Not jinxing myself today! 


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