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I use my smartphone a lot to keep track of my fitness progress. From run trackers to workout generators, I’ve tried dozens of apps and kept the ones I’ve liked. All my suggestions are based on Android use, but these apps are also available for iOS. I think. Dont quote me on anything Apple related, I don’t use it.

Everyone does fitness different, but if you also like being permanently attached to your phone, consider using some of my favorite apps.

Road ID – Free

My favorite app hands down. I never run without turning this on. By setting up contacts you can let your friends and family watch you run in real time, and it will alert them if your phone is stationary for more than five minutes. I feel safer knowing someone knows where I am and they can check in if anything looks strange or, for some reason, I stop moving. Heaven forbid the worst happens, but if it did having this app puts me at a higher percentage to be found safely by alerting my contacts to trouble sooner and giving a much more accurate start location besides “the lakefront trail”, which is over 17 miles long with a lot of twists and bends. I always tell people who run alone to get this app and keep a home “running buddy”.

Fitbit – Free App

Anyone who has a fitness band, be it Fitbit, Garmin, or anything else, probably has the companion app installed on their phone. I love being able to look back on any day since I’ve gotten my fitbit and find out what my body was doing.

Endomondo – Free for Basic, $30/year for Premium

In addition to the RoadID tracker, I also turn in Endomondo during my workouts. Its not just for running, even though thats what its best at. I put all my workouts in here and I can look back and see how much I did of what each month. This was especially useful when I would use ClassPass to get an idea of what kind of activities I did most. The free version of the app is really nice, but I love having all the stats and data I can get so I sprung for Premium after my trial was over.

My Fitness Pal – Free for Basic

The ultimate calorie counter. And Ive tried dozens. I dont pay for premium so I constantly see ads and have to do a little math to figure out a few things, but I keep coming back after trying other apps simply because of how extensive their food database is. Nearly everything you can buy with a barcode can be found and you can build your own recipes right inside the app. I dont track religiously, but I like knowing I can look up anything Im eating and set up my meal prep recipes to see the nutrients of a whole dish exactly how I made it instead of trying to figure out each ingredient in each serving every time.

Meetup – Free

Outside normal social media, I also use Meetup to find fitness groups around me. Its hard making new friends as an adult, but Meetup at least gets you around other adults with similar interests. I found two run groups through there that are quickly becoming regular support groups for my running addiction.

Darebee’s Fit Tap / Tabata – Free

There are plenty of free workout generators on the market, but if you want to pick and choose your own workout for the day, just get a Tabata Timer. I set up my own intervals and follow the beeps.

Darebees also has a couple apps on the market, one is packed with all their premade workouts. The other, Fit Tap, is a cute one that gives you a new exercise every time you tap the screen. Super fun for doing random activities or challenging friends.

YouTube / Google Play / Spotify – $10/mo

Of course, music is important. Both youtube and Spotify can be used for free, but YouTube wont keep playing if I minimize the app without having a Google Subscription and Spotify doesn’t give you ultimate control over your playlists without a premium account. I pay for Google so I get both the unlimited music as well as the YouTube benefits. I hear Spotify also has a feature that matches music tempo to your run pace, but I havent used it yet.


What else do you use to track and motivate your fitness through your phone? 


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