Goals and Rewards

One of the big things that keeps me motivated to work out is to set up little rewards for goals of mine. I started by giving myself a dollar each time I worked out to put towards cute dresses or other wants. Now I use them to give myself permission to buy the gear I want. 

Right now my running is being rewarded with races I set up earlier in the year. My entire vacation this year is set up around a half marathon. I have to keep training because I already put a ton of money into the trip. Besides, there’s all the Disney Swag to look forward to, not to mention getting a long vacation with Tina. 

After my big race, I’ll be choosing different things to work towards. To kick off my winter weightlifting, I’ll be buying myself a barbell for at home to continue working on my tattoo goals. Without a rack, I’ll only be able to squat what I can clean, and heavy weights will be reserved for my Fit Results classes. This sets me up for a second goal. 

Right now I can squat 70% of my bodyweight. Once I can get to 100% for 5 or more reps I’ll start looking for a rack. New plates will be used as progress rewards when I get stronger. Since strength isn’t my main weightlifting focus, the progress will be slow enough for me to know Im dedicated before I start building a real home gym. 

Once ice is on the ground, boxing will be replacing running for cardio. I am going to try to go once a week, and set up tiers for spring rewards. If I go 75-100% of my weeks, Im going to let myself buy two new athletic outfits. 50-75% only gets one athletic outfit and 25-50% I can only get myself new leggings next spring. 

I get excited about buying new gear, so setting up prerequisites really help me stay on target with my goals, especially when it proves that I’ll actually be using what I buy instead of buying it just to sit around. 


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