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Meal Prep Wednesday

I’ve been busy the last couple weekends, which made it hard to prep anything for food. After running out of the premade meals I had, I got lazy again. 

Luckily I have Amber to keep me on track! She kicked off this week by making a giant batch of barbecue pulled pork and two different kinds of potatoes. Not only did she do the standard mashed cauliflower potatoes, but she also cooked potato wedges in the leftover pork sauce.

According to Amber, who also uses My Fitness Pal to keep track of her food, the bbq pork came to about 350 calories per serving, with each of us getting about six servings. 

The only night this week I had free was Wednesday, so we decided to meet up for the other half of our prep. We kept it simple with panko crusted chicken, avacado stir fry, candied bacon, and granola.

Between the two cooking days, we only spent a total of $50 for all ingredients, which meant we each got all our meals for half that! We’re both loving the drastic reduction in our food budgets, especially when we still get great meals out of it. 

Im glad I did prep when I could. I have a long weekend ahead of me and I don’t want to add more obstacles by messing up my diet.


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