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Training Monday 06/20/16

I went back to Fit Results last night, trying to get back some kind of routine in my life. I also tried to get a run in because the class doesn’t start until 8:30.

Running was hard. It was hot and I was unprepared. I was melting. I ended up walk/jogging for an hour instead of pushing myself too hard. Once I got back to the gym I started knocking out some plank rows and negative pull ups for my Spartan Training. 

What we did:

This is Greg. He’s my Arm Advice guy.

I started with back squats since I knew my legs were going to be the first thing to give out today. Whether it’s 10 miles or just one, my body does not like heavy squats after running. I started at 85# and dropped all the way to 65# by my fourth set. I appreciated the Landmine Shoulder Press being on the list, as I need to work on mine. And who can complain about more Bicep Curls? Those Good Mornings, though.. I can definitely feel them today. They seem easy but it’s always a delayed torture. Oh yeah, and I found my headphones!! They were just chillin a the gym waiting for me to come back. 

My favorite gym, Fit Results.

Aiming to go back next week, going to try to fit a real run in before, too. And with my luck I’ll enjoy an easy 10 miles then show up to a leg set with both deadlifts and squats.Thursday is my run group again. I’ve made it three weeks in a row and I intend to keep going every time I can. Today is my rest day this week. I’ll just sit here and think about working out. 


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