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Friday Updates 6/10/16


This week has been long and I’m glad its finally coming to an end. 

Not much to report on after the race. I went to Strength Training on Monday, went to my Run Group on Thursday. Today I’m getting a haircut. This weekend is devoted to Dylan since his birthday is on Monday, but there will still be plenty of walking around and activities in addition to all the good food. I’ve been keeping up with my office pushups and etc, but slacking on dumbbells since I decided to stay with Dylan all week instead of going back home. 

Spartan Training is pretty much on the back burner until after September now, with the exception of additional pull ups during Strength classes. I really need to buckle down and focus on fitting some long runs into my schedule. Now is the time. 

Trying to figure out what I want to do for meal prep too. I’ll be on my own this week and kinfa just want to make a big batch of taco meat, but I know I should take the time to do a bunch of chicken instead. Maybe I’ll do both. I’ve been very wishy washy on the subject this time around. 

This week has been super long and super bleh. The weekend should Kickstart me back into a better mood, though! 

5pm, here I come! 


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