Run for the Zoo 2016

Yesterday I ran in the Lincoln Park Zoo Run for the Zoo 10k. I was Runner #5023. It was my first ever official race. 

The night before a friend of mine was having a birthday party with awesome food, but I did the responsible thing and left early enough to get some rest before the big day. I had to be up in time for my 8:30am race start. I didn’t leave without the recipe for some awesome monkey bread, though. 

I started my day with some coffee, a pluot (hybrid between a plum and an apricot and so delicious), and a cliff bar. I got to the zoo plenty early so I made sure to walk around and stretch out before my start time. I started in the 9-10min corral. With the amount of people, it took me almost a minute to get out of the gate after the race started, but the tracker chip wouldn’t start until I crossed the line. 

I knew enough to know to pace myself coming off the start. 6.2miles isnt the longest I’ve ran, but its still an endurance amount of running. I averaged between 9:30 and 10 minute miles. A modest pace, but exciting since I’ve been used to almost 11 minute miles up until recently.

The path went out along Fullerton to the lakefront path, then north two miles and back. We ran back in front of the zoo and around to the south entrance before zigzagging through the park to our finish line. 

My fitbit called my time at 1:01:27. The official time came in a couple hours later at 1:01:24. Either way it was a personal best for me. 

After enjoying some free beer and pizza, I slowly made my way out. Between getting up early, running 6.2 miles, and the beer all before noon, I was exhausted. I stopped for two shots of espresso just to get back home. I had a proper meal as soon as I got home, took a very long hot shower, and passed out. After a two hour nap I ate some more, attempted to photoshop some but really just watched TV, and was asleep again before 8pm.

Note to self: Schedule lots of nap time after the 1/2 marathon. We have an even earlier start time. 


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