Motivation · Weightlifting

Lifting for Aesthetics

I’ve been asked a few times about my goals and what I’m training for. With running that’s easy, just always trying to get faster and go further. In Boxing my main goal is really to have a solid self defense base. My weightlifting goals are what usually throw people off. I dont necessary care about getting stronger or lifting more weight, even though it’s a nice perk of training. Im lifting with aesthetics in mind. 

I have a set of tattoos I want eventually – biomechanical robot seams on my joints all down my right side. Shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, with elbow and wrist being last. “Running Machine” will be branded on my side when it’s complete. I want the seams to align with my real muscles to complete the illusion, but for that I need real muscle definition to work from. Everyone is built just a bit differently so instead of having an artist guess, I want to make sure the permanent ink on my body matches my actual body type. 

First step is for my arms and shoulders. Greg has been helping me understand what exercises I want/need to build the appropriate muscles. Dumbbell work at home has been kept light weight with high reps, while my weightlifting class focuses on heavy weights and low reps. I’ve been upping my protein intake and keeping and eye on progress.

Its been fun reshaping my body and I can feel myself getting stronger in the process. My weight hasn’t moved one way or another, but there are still plenty of other changes happening in my body, with plenty more to come!


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