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Let me preface this post by saying I am not a morning person. Not one bit. It takes me several shots of espresso to even pretend to be a morning person. No matter how much I tell myself to wake up earlier and to get ready for my day, I just want to stay in my comfy bed and ignore the world by the time my alarm goes off. 

But I was asked to add how to not be so tired in the morning to my blog topics. Instead of giving you the same old advice you can find on infographics everywhere, I decided to change some of my own habits and report back on how effective they actually are. Especially for a person who despises mornings with everything that I am. 

Tomorrow Morning I will wake up at the first alarm and try to not glare at everything like it kicked my puppy. Maybe I’ll take a walk around the block, in some vague attempt to imagine what morning running would be like, but dont hold your breath on too many changes too fast. 

I still hate mornings. And its already noon. 


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