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Training with Zombie Killers – May 2016 Recap

I was invited complete the Chicago Spartan Sprint in 2017. My group is a badass set of individuals that regularly venture into the woods for post apocalyptic, zombie killing fun.
I am currently adding the Daily Spartan Workouts to my exercise routine. I started marking on the page linked at the top every workout that I did or didn’t do, but after a month the list got pretty long, so I’ll be adding in these monthly updates as posts, while keeping track of the current month on the created page.

05/09/16 – “Stay With It” – Completed.
05/10/16 – “The Spartan 100” – Kinda
05/11/16 – “Power” – Did not do. Went to Floor Lab Barre for an hour class instead.
05/12/16 – Research Rest Day. I chose to research pull ups.
05/13/16 & 05/14/16 – Did not do.
05/15/16 – Should have been for meal prep, but I did photoshoots instead.
05/16/16 – “Pet Rock Part I” – Did not do. Went to Fit Results for weightlifting instead.
05/17/16 – 05/19/16 – Slackalacking
05/20/16 – “Hill Intervals”
05/21/16 – None
05/22/16 – Meal Prep
05/23/16 – 2.5mi walk/jog
05/24/16 – Spartan 30 – completed, plus Hill Sprints
05/25/16 – None
05/26/16 – 5 mile run, Spartan Rest Day
05/27/16 – None
05/28/16 – Weightlifting
05/29/16 – Saturday’s Spartan Workout (1+ Hour Run/Jog) + Meal Prep
05/30/16 – None
05/31/16 – Spartan 30 – done

I’m not too impressed with myself, as I skipped over half the workouts, but I’m not exactly disappointed with myself since my training focus right now is running, not the Spartan Race. I’ve still been doing at least pushups most days, and have been getting back into my weightlifting and dumbbell routines. Arm progress is coming along nicely. Triceps are doing exactly what I’m training them to do and I just need to add in more shoulder work. ETA still early winter to start talking to artists for real about my tattoos.

I joined two run groups this month, one that runs Sunday morning then has brunch together, and one that runs on The 606 on Thursdays. I get about 5 miles out of each of them. I do need to set aside time for a proper long run and see how my endurance is holding up.

Back to the grind!


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