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Standing Desk: Day Two

After realizing I spent way too many hours of my life sitting, I decided to ask my office manager for a standing desk. I found what I wanted on Amazon for less than $200. It arrived Monday Afternoon. I had it set up by the end of the day and rearranged all my art to fit around it.

My job is fairly active for a desk job, I get up and walk around quite a bit as it is, but I still sit around slunched over a keyboard too often, especially when you add in going home to photo editing or video gaming.


Yesterday was my first full day with the desk. Overall it has worked out well. There are a couple things I need to adjust about how my cubicle is set up but I’m quite pleased with the change. I’m only on day two, so Im not sure how my feet are going to react yet. I’ll probab find out tomorrow when I try to run after three days of standing.

On Monday I did a short 2.5mile jog, so yesterday I did the same so I could compare step impact between the two desk styles. This is only one day of data and I won’t know for sure how much on average the standing desk adds for another couple weeks, but after looking through the detailed data on my fitbit, it seems the new desk really makes a difference.



  • The health benefits are numerous. From cardiovascular health to improving posture, just Google standing desk and you’ll see all the benefits.
  • More motivation. Instead of reaching for my phone between jobs or mindlessly snacking, being up and on my feet encourages me to use my time more productively. I can easily knock out a set of incline pushups with just a couple moments free without needing to think about getting up and doing it.
  • Coworkers love it. Im the talk of the office and now everyone wants one. Im a trendsetter and you can be too!

Some disadvantages:

  • Note taking. One of the things that I need to rearrange about my cubicle is how I take notes. Either Im cramped on small edge of the standing desk or Im hunched over while standing. I still keep my chair around just in case so I usually sit, but itd be nice to have a convenient area at standing level.
  • Constant Endurance Test. If you’re not used to standing for long periods of time, I suggest getting a desk that easily converts up and down so you can take plenty of sitting breaks. I have been on my feet pretty much my entire life so I jumped right into the lifestyle, but Im still anticipating hating standing tomorrow and I know I’ll need to get adjusted to it.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on my stats over the next few weeks to see how much of an impact is really made on my steps and tdee. I know it wont be huge, but still a couple thousand steps a day is a couple thousand steps a day. All the little bits will eventually add up and I’ll be the best at standing for a long time.


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