Falling Off and Getting Back On

I haven’t worked out in three days. I drank alcohol and ate carbs all weekend. My tiny starter abs have again disappeared. My last run was over a week ago and I haven’t been to Fit Results in almost a month.

But I am not discouraged.

No matter how dedicated you are or how much you want to set aside time, some days you just cant do everything you want to do.

I could have ran on Friday, but that would have cut into laundry and apartment cleaning. I had originally planned to clean or run on Saturday, but that was bumped for a last minute bridal shower for my best friend. Sunday had a photoshoot planned for months already. Sometimes following through on commitments and having a decent space for guests to visit is more important than 5 miles and a Daily Spartan Workout.

Its also important to remember that just because you stopped doesn’t mean you have to stop forever. Priorities are personal and constantly shifting around. Don’t let anyone tell you, and especially don’t tell yourself, that you will lose all your progress if you’re not dedicated to the max every day on one thing.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and despite Nero’s attempts, it wasnt destroyed in one either.

Tonight I go back to Fit Results.
Today I also forgot my sneakers so I can’t get my run in before hand.
Ups and downs.

Its not bad.
Its not anything to feel guilty about.

Its just life.


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