Review: Floor Lab Barre


Floor Lab Barre is one of three studios all wrapped up in one. They also have a mud spa and an Aerial room. I got an email offering me a free class so I thought what the heck, I haven’t tried this place before…

Walking in, first thing is take off your shoes. This is a shoe free space. Then, if you’re new like I was, look slightly confused as you walk into the Mud reception thinking its general reception, almost interrupt the previous barre class looking for Floor Lab reception (which isnt a real thing, they check in during class), confuse the staff looking for a bathroom to change in, and finally get settled in an alcove to wait for your class to start.

I admit my first impressions were not the best. They have small lockable lockers, but no dedicated changing room and in general people left their personal belongings in open cubbies. My important bag wouldn’t fit in the locker so I tucked it away behind my less important bag in a low cubby. I always feel weird walking away from my belongings like that so I made sure to choose a place that the Aerial instructor could see from her room.

Second impressions, aka actually being in class, were much better. My instructor was adorably peppy and had a fun set of songs on the class track. As always, barre is hard. There were plenty of times I had to stop and catch my breath or stretch out before continuing. This wasn’t normal barre, either. The instructor described it as “athletic and fast paced”. My calves are definitely going to be feeling all those tiny lifts in the morning.


I enjoy barre classes when I pick them up, but I don’t think I could do this as a dedicated sport. It seems easy the first few reps, but every time I end a set thinking “damn, ballerinas are badass!”

Overall, its a good place to go. The staff was friendly and helpful, no matter how much I confused them, and my instructor was encouraging. The biggest down fall was the lack of a real changing room. If I was still using Classpass Im not sure I’d pick this studio above other barre classes just because of how much I carry in general and after work, but I wouldn’t turn down another free class.

This is me doing my mirror selfie pose when all was said and done:



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