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“The Spartan 100” – Kinda

Today work was super busy. I barely managed to get in a set of incline push ups and thats only because I did them right before punching out to make myself feel better.

I told myself I couldn’t skip the Spartan workout. But oh no, real life! I was cooking dinner that night! (But what about meal prep you say? I had leftover cheese stuffing and the boyfriend loved them so much I had to do a fresh batch.) So I brought it into the kitchen with me.

My Gym:


The original workout :
“The Spartan 100”
100m Sprint / 10 pushups / rest
100m S / 10 jumping lunges / rest
100m S / 10 pull ups / rest
100m S / 10 squats / rest
100m S / 30 sit ups

I couldn’t do the sprints inside so I replaced it with jump rope. 10 minutes total. I ended up doing five rounds of incline pushups, lunges, and squats, and two rounds of 30 situps.

While Im working on basic push ups, I might as well boost my ego on squats. Next time a circuit calls for bodyweight squats I’m going to up it to pistol squats. I have chairs the perfect height to start assisted.

But I still don’t have a place to do pull ups. I don’t even know what kind of exercise would be appropriate to replace it with that would help with progression when I finally do get to a bar. Something new to research!



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