Running · Spartan

What I’m Training For

There are two big races Im looking forward to. This year its the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon in California. And next year Im going to attempt the Spartan Race in Chicago.

Training for running is more than just putting one foot in front of the other. I have to make sure Im increasing mileage appropriately to avoid injury and get plenty of stretching in. I have a test race in June so my first time racing isn’t at a huge event.

Cross training is a big boost, so its lucky I picked up the extra Spartan training to keep me going. Im not going to push myself too hard before the marathon this year, but I am doing the daily spartan workouts recommended on their site. My biggest weakness is pull ups. I dont have many places to do them and I cant do a full one on my own yet. I know I have to get those down if I have any chance of finishing the obstacles. Once I’ve recovered from the marathon I’m going to dive into the Spartan Elements Training Plan and focus on becoming a badass.

My current mantra is slow and steady. As long as I stay consistent I’ll see results in time. Running is the main focus and I need to relax and just let my legs carry me through.

Current running stats:
Fastest Mile: 8:50
Fastest 5k: 29:38

Average pace: 11min
Estimated time to finish 1/2 marathon: 2hr 45min.


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