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Meal Prep 05/08/16

My first official meal prep week. I always used to make extra leftovers for lunches the next day, but after lapsing with take out food for too long, I decided to take control of my diet and do real meal prep.

This week’s Menu:
Steel Cut Oat Granola, Sausage Egg Muffins, Stuffed Jumbo Shells, and Mozarella Chicken. I call the stuffed caprese recipe Mozarealla Chicken because I didn’t get the fold right, and swapped basil for spinach. I also added leftover sausage from the sausage egg muffins to half my batch of jumbo shells. Snacks include various veggies, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, wheat thin crackers, and olives.

After Saturday and Sunday, I ended up with 9 servings of Egg Muffins (2 muffins each serving), 8 servings of Jumbo Shells (some got shared with friends that night), 4 servings of Mozarella Chicken, and a very large batch of granola. Plenty for the week!

I took some to work for lunches, and froze some for later. Overall, my food budget for this week is now a lot smaller than it used to be. Aside from the ingredients I already had in my cabinets, I spent around $65 total at my local grocery store. Breaking everything out, egg muffins came to $0.87 per serving, the chicken was $4.40, and the shells came out to $3.15 each serving. I also had leftover cheese stuffing to make more shells tomorrow,I just have to pick up more sauce.

Had I been more organized, I could have easily done everything in one day instead of two, but it was my first time and I was in a new kitchen.

General Nutrition facts for estimated servings:
Granola: 300 calories. 12.3g fat, 41.9g carb, 6.9g protein, and 17.3g sugar.
Egg Muffins: 110 calories. 7.6g fat, 1.2g carb, 8.8g protein, and 0.7g sugar.
Stuffed Shells: 360 calories. 16.7g fat, 33.3g carb, 23.2g protein, and 1.2g sugar.
Mozarella Chicken: 440 calories. 10.9g fat, 3.2g carb, 62.5g protein, 0.7g sugar.

Next week, I think I’ll do something with Tacos…


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